Completely authentic

Using a systematic method, defined by our ongoing 'Roadmap', we can ensure that the content of the Art is historically-accurate and substantiated from original sources.

Highly functional

Using the Eskirmological Method, we have been able to aim for the root functions of combat based upon a 'Risk Model' as well as 'Attribute Profiles', ensuring the techniques are highly practical.

Deeply meaningful

Original Chivalry was more than just a set of values, and more than simply a martial art. Its entire structure was aimed towards Eudaimonia ('Happiness') by means of 'worthiness'.

Image: Creative Commons Hans Plinter

Why Chivalry

A brief guide to Chivalry and its aims.

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The Code

Defining the Code of Chivalry.

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What is virtue? What are the virtues of Chivalry?

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Our approach to Chivalry, and the Roadmap for rediscovery.

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A history of Knightly Martial Arts.

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Herculean Chivalry

Herculean Choice

Hercules as an exemplar of Chivalry.

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A catalogue of research projects.

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Get involved

Get in touch to get access to offline resources and guides.

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Mirror of Chivalry

The original meaning of the term ‘Chivalry’ referred to the conventions of a warrior-elite. Over 500 years ago, warriors held an ideal standard of ‘the worthy man’ (preudhomme): to be gentle in manner, but firm in action. Their pursuit was three-fold: physical, intellectual and spiritual, seeking meaningful achievement in all three. We aim to bring back the original meaning of the word 'Chivalry' as the name of our martial art.

  • Chivalry was more than Martial Art, it was a way of life
  • Duty to women is a remnant of Chivalry, but it encompassed 3 core duties
  • We study how to use 5 classes of weapon and in 4 contexts
  • At the higher levels, we study Philosophy (artes liberales)
  • We use Chivalry as a blue-print for self-worth and improved well-being

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